The Top 10 Best-Selling Vehicles of February

Source: Chevrolet

We’re into March now, and that means that February auto sales data is rolling in. There was speculation that February may have been an explosive month for car companies, leading up to a possible record-breaking year overall. January was a rock-solid start, and last month was no different. In fact, the top seven automakers reported a sales increase of almost 5% overall.

With incredibly bad cold weather enveloping a huge portion of the country, there were worries that sales may have been stunted, as people either found it hard or near impossible to get out to dealerships. Those worries have been quelled, however, as consumers continued to buy new cars, trucks, and SUVs in droves. SUVs and trucks were the big winners, and several midsize sedan models performed strongly, as always. has been able to accumulate all of the data and whittle down things to a list of the top 10 best-selling vehicles of February, as it always does. Following its lead, we’ve put together the list in an easy-to-read and fun-to-follow format on the following pages. Read on to see which vehicles climbed the ranks in terms of sales for February 2015.

Source: Chevrolet

10. Chevrolet Equinox

Kicking the list off for February is Chevrolet’s stalwart SUV offering, the Equinox. Chevy dealers sold more than 21,700 Equinox models in the shortest month of the year, likely propelled by gnarly weather in much of the country. That is a 0.6% increase over February 2014 and adds up to more than 41,000 sold so far for the year. The Equinox is off to a strong start, so we’ll see if its sales can keep pace.

Source: Toyota

9. Toyota RAV-4

If there was one vehicle that had an incredibly impressive February campaign, it was the Toyota RAV-4. Sales topped 21,900 for Toyota dealers last month, an incredible increase of 33.4% over last February. For the first two months of 2015, 41,767 RAV-4 compact SUVs have been sold, marking a 25.3% spike over 2014’s numbers from the same time period. Again, poor weather is probably helping, but Toyota is definitely doing something right.

Source: Honda

8. Honda CR-V

This month’s list is top-heavy with SUVs, as you can tell, and Honda’s trusty CR-V came in at the No. 8 position. CR-V sales added up to just under 22,300, making for more than 45,500 sold so far in 2015, both marked improvements over 2014’s numbers. In fact, CR-V sales this year are nearly 17% ahead of where they were a year ago, and the CR-V was the best-selling SUV for all of February.

Source: Ford

7. Ford Fusion

Ford’s efficient, classy, and sleek Fusion sedan is having a fairly good year so far. The only problem is that it’s not nearly as good as last year. To dig into the numbers, both monthly and yearly sales to date are down by roughly 5%. But that’s not to say that there isn’t plenty of time for improvement. Ford dealerships sold 22,732 Fusion units in February, making this year’s total 42,426. Slow sales could be weather-related, so we’ll see what happens after the thaw.

Source: Toyota

6. Toyota Corolla

Midsize and compact sedans are always big sellers with American consumers, and the Toyota Corolla is always in the thick of it. In February, 27,839 Corollas were sold, representing a 10% increase over February 2014. So far for the year, 55,196 have gone home with new owners, marking a nearly 15% increase year-to-date. Corolla sales will probably only accelerate in the warmer months, putting Toyota in a very good position heading toward spring.

Source: Nissan

5. Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima had a particularly strong month of sales, but this February was a tumble compared to the same period last year. Nissan dealers sent 28,474 Altima models to new homes last month, making more than 54,800 on the year. Though sales compared to last year are up 2.8%, same-month sales dropped 7.7% from 2014.

Source: Ram

4. Ram Pickup

Nothing helps in cold, frosty weather quite like a pickup truck, and consumers took that advice to heart. Ram was one brand that did particularly well, selling nearly 33,000 new pickups in February. That makes for just less than 60,000 for 2015 as a whole and a 10.2% increase over 2014’s numbers. Though Ram is having some success, its numbers still pale in comparison to the other pickup brands.

Source: Toyota

3. Toyota Camry

Toyota continues its dominance of the best-sellers list, this time sliding into the No. 3 spot with its perpetual best-seller, the midsize Camry sedan. A total of 32,942 Camry models rolled off dealer lots in February, a 13.6% increase over the same month last year. Thus far in 2015, more than 59,700 have been sold, a 14.1% spike over 2014.

Source: Chevrolet

2. Chevrolet Silverado

No surprises up near the precipice of the best-sellers list, with the Chevrolet Silverado pickup coming in at second place, a spot the truck has more or less owned as of late. Chevy dealers have had their hands full doling out 45,395 new Silverados to customers in February, a huge 24% increase over February 2014. Chevy was suffering through the fallout of its ignition switch recall scandal last year, so things are naturally off to a much better start in 2015.

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

1. Ford F-Series

Ah, the Ford F-Series. Ford’s perennial best-seller has long worn the crown as the nation’s top mover, and February 2015 was no different. Sales for the year are up 7% so far, with almost 110,000 units having been taken home by new owners already. For February alone, however, sales numbers are actually down 1.2% from February 2014. But that didn’t stop 55,236 people from buying a new truck and keeping the F-Series at the top of the heap.