10 Vehicles Americans Couldn’t Get Enough of in August

Andrew Burton/Getty Images News
Andrew Burton/Getty Images News

Summer is, typically, not only the hottest months of the year for the climate, but for auto sales as well. After the Winter lull, dealer activity perks up, new models roll out, and the car-buying public whip out their extra-fancy lease- and loan-signing pens. This past August was no exception.

Trends that have slowly been emerging became more concrete last month. Sedans, though still exceptionally popular, continued to cede territory to the invasive species crossoverus compactus, and while the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry led the leader board for cars, they did so while suffering 19.9% and 14.6% declines versus August last year, respectively.

Naysayers of Ford’s new F-150 are probably looking pretty flushed. After a less-than smooth rollout of the new truck, Ford’s investment seeds are starting to bear fruit, as the company posted its first over-70,000-unit month this year to lead the industry.

Gasoline prices continued to remain depressed, helping spur sales of larger vehicles — trucks and SUVs. Electric vehicle sales information wasn’t available at the time of writing, but stay tuned. We’ll have coverage of that shortly. In the meantime, read on to find out how the market at large fared.

All data is courtesy of Cars.com.

10. Toyota RAV4

Source: Toyota
Source: Toyota

Toyota’s venerable crossover SUV brought home enough bacon in August to round out the top ten, as Toyota moved 30,534 units during the month. That’s actually a 14.3% decline in sales versus August a year ago, though it leaves the RAV4 up 12% at 200,818 for the year-to-date.

9. Toyota Corolla

Source: Toyota

Showing up its corporate stablemate is the Toyota Corolla. Like the RAV4, sales for the Corolla fell year-on-year, though not as badly — 4.1%, to 31,726 units. Toyota has sold 252,106 Corollas to date, leaving it 5.8% up on the year so far.

8. Honda Civic

Source: Honda

Taking a cue from its chief rival and nemesis, the Honda Civic saw its sales slip by 5.9% versus August of 2014, to 32,031 units. Overall, the Civic hasn’t been so lucky in 2015, moving 221,471 cars for a year-to-date decline of 4.2%.

7. Nissan Altima

2015 Nissan Altima
Source: Nissan

Remarkably unchanged in the face of renewed and heated competition, the Nissan Altima held its own again for August with 32,327 units moved off the lot, eking out a gain of just 0.5%. This leaves the Altima clinging to the flatline for the year, with sales up 1.2% to 238,200.

6.Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V
Source: Honda

Beating the pants off the RAV4 is the Honda CR-V, which sold 34,771 units in August to seal a place in sixth for the month. That’s a gain of 2.0%, to help cap the crossover’s banner year of sales at 229,574 — up 5.7% versus the same period last year.

5. Toyota Camry

Source: Toyota

In a rather shocking turn of events, the Camry was unseated from it’s category-leading throne to be saddled in fifth. Despite a hefty redesign, America’s favorite sedan seems to be losing its sheen, as crossovers make up a more significant part of the market. Camry sales dipped 14.6% in August to 37,592 units, leaving its total for the first eight months at 291,843 — down 4.8% overall.

4. Honda Accord

2015 Honda Accord Sport Sedan
Source: Honda

Like the CR-V, the Accord has shown lots of strength recently. That strength was seriously flexed in August, when Honda sold 40,931 Accord sedans, making it the best-selling car of the month despite a nearly 20% dip versus last year. Year-to-date, the Accord has sold 231,173 examples, down 4.8% against the same period last year.

3. Ram Pickup

2015 Ram 1500 Laramie Limited Crew Cab 4x4
Source: Ram

Edging out the Accord for third at 45,310 is the Ram pickup. Ram sales have been on fire this year, and August was no different; the Ram tacked 3.5% on to what was already a hugely strong August last year. sales of 294,045 since January leave the truck line up 3.8% for the year.

2. Chevrolet Silverado

15 silverado
Source: Chevrolet

The Chevy Silverado remained in its usual place — that is, gone for silver — in August, with 54,977 units moved. That’s an 11.7% surge over last year’s August sales, and it leaves the bruiser up 16.6% on the year, at 387,179 trucks sold in total since January 1.

1. Ford F-Series

Source: Ford

Retaining its crown is the Ford F-Series, far and away the leader at 71,332 units sold for a 4.7% gain. Having seemingly successfully moved on from supply issues, the F-150 is now selling in volume, and dealers are clearing out the remaining 2014s. To date, the F-Series trucks have sold 494,800 units, though that represents a 0.5% slip versus the same period last year.

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