10 Vehicle Brands That Are the Most Reliable

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Reliability has become an ubiquitous label that vehicle manufacturers love to attach to their models. Every car company out there throws the term around as a marketing ploy, a gimmick used to constantly to ingrain in consumer’s heads that their vehicles are more worthy of the customers hard-earned dollars than the next brand. But as the brand’s squabble with language and advertising tactics, there is actual research being done into what makes a vehicle reliable. After previously looking at specific SUV and truck models that rank among the toughest, a brand-wide snapshot of reliability is next on the docket.

Over at Mojo Motors, an algorithm was developed to determine just what ten brands were the most reliable on the road. The formula used a linear regression model to find out how much mileage a vehicle could could compile before losing all value. They looked at more than 500,000 models from years between 1995 and 2014 to determine their results.

What brands lived up to their claims of being reliable? Here is the list of the ten most reliable vehicles on the road and the average mileage accumulated until their value is determined to be $0, according to Mojo Motors’ research.

Mazda 6

10. Mazda: 177,729 Miles

Having built a name for themselves with small, economical cars and trucks over the past few decades, Mazda (MZDAF.PK) comes in at a surprising number ten on the list. The company has expanded to include crossover SUVs and bigger sedans, and has remained a customer favorite around the world. Mazda’s have a reputation for having long lifespans, although their value reaches $0 at 177,729 miles. Despite this, customer reviews remain high, and Mazda keeps rolling out fuel-efficient vehicles at very reasonable sticker prices.

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9. Acura: 178,947 Miles

For a luxury car line, Acura  provides a great deal of reliability. Averaging 178,947 miles before its value bottoms out, Acura is, in fact, the only luxury brand in the top ten. Popular models like the TL and MDX are among the best bets, as they come highly-recommended and well-reviewed by customers. For consumers looking for a stylish and sleek, yet reliable vehicle choice, Acura is a safe bet. Higher sticker prices may be a turn-off for some shoppers, but for a luxury brand Acura still offers great value.


8. GMC: 188,584 Miles

A longstanding truck and SUV maker, GMC follows through on its claims of building reliable vehicles. GMC’s pickups and SUVs are built to last, averaging 188,584 miles before losing all value. Customers praise GMC’s low repair and maintenance costs, as most parts and accessories are interchangeable with Chevrolet models. Many pickups are known to stay on the road a very long time, as it’s not uncommon to see decades-old models being driven around. With tough exteriors, inexpensive maintenance options and reasonable prices, GMC earns the eighth spot on the list.


7. Subaru: 189,370 Miles

Another Japanese automaker known for building long-lasting, quality vehicles is Subaru. Coming in as the seventh-most reliable vehicle maker, Subaru models average 189,370 miles before their value tanks. Constantly littering top-ten lists, Subaru has carved out a niche in the consumer mindset for being a reliable brand. In fact, recent data shows that 95 percent of all Subaru models sold in the past ten years are still on the road. Throw in perfected all-wheel drive and hearty engines that employed in all models, and Subaru becomes a solid choice for shoppers seeking reliability.

Nissan Sport Sedan Concept

6. Nissan: 195,593 Miles

Reaching number six on the list is Nissan (NSANY.PK). Often lost in the mix with competitors Honda and Subaru, Nissan just passed its eightieth year as an automaker, and have a reputation for building sporty, economical cars, trucks, and SUVs. Often rated highly by consumers and critics alike, Nissan models also have a high level of reliability, reaching 195,593 miles before hitting zero value. Models like the Altima and Sentra remain popular choices among consumers, and see improvements every year. For sporty cars that are highly-reliable, Nissan is a must-see.

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5. Chevrolet: 195,754 Miles

The second General Motors brand on the list, Chevrolet makes a somewhat-surprising addition at number five. Not having a sterling reputation for reliability over the past few decades, Chevy seems to have turned the corner. New vehicle additions like the Cruze and Sonic have put an emphasis on practicality and economical sensibility, while mainstays like the Silverado pickup line have Chevrolet fans singing the company’s praises. Achieving an average of 195,754 miles before bottoming-out, Chevrolet is making an impressive run up the reliability ladder.


4. Dodge: 198,266 Miles

Beating out the likes of Nissan and Subaru is nothing to scoff at, and that is exactly what Dodge (FIATY.PK) has managed to do. The lone Chrysler brand on the list, Dodge rides into the number four spot on the list behind the rough and tough Ram trucks, and its new line of athletic cars, like the revamped Charger and Dart. Beating out most other American carmakers is impressive as well, as Dodge managed to edge out all GM brands by reaching 198,266 miles before valueless. It’s an impressive feat for Dodge and a fine selling point for its customers as well.


3. Ford: 198,409 Miles

Inching out Dodge for the top American auto maker on the highest-reliability scale is Ford . Having recently stepped-up their game with model additions like the Fusion and redesigns to lineup staples like the Focus, Ford has shot up the charts in consumers’ psyches as to how reliable their vehicles are. Ford managed to average 198,409 miles out of their vehicles before reach zero value, giving brands at the top of their list a run for their money. Ford should remain as a popular and reliable choice, as its F-150 pickup has been holding strong as a best-seller in the United States.


2. Honda: 209,001 Miles

An entry that many probably expected to top the list, Honda (NYSE:HMC) comes in at second place. One of the most popular car makers on the planet, Honda’s are notoriously reliable and long-lasting. At 209,001 miles on average before losing all value, Honda vehicles achieve more than 10,000 more miles than third-place Ford. Models like the Accord and Civic have become permanent mainstays on roads around the globe, and as many owners would tell you, they never seem to want to die. Most go on to provide years of use even after passing their aforementioned mileage, making Honda one of the best buys car shoppers can make.

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1. Toyota: 210,705 Miles

Number one on our list? Toyota . Already holding the top spot in many people’s minds, Toyota builds cars, trucks and SUVs that are not only incredibly reliable, but unrivaled in efficiency and value. Achieving 210,705 miles on average, Toyota outclasses every other brand in the world on the reliability scale. Most people don’t have to look far to see an older Toyota model still hitting the pavement in most cities, as they are among the most sturdy and steadfast vehicles available. If you’re shopper looking for the most reliable vehicle you can get, a Toyota model should be at the top of your list.