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Toyota is a Japanese auto giant well-known for making some great cars, such as the Camry, RAV4, and Tacoma. While many car shoppers know how good those cars are, Toyota is not perfect. It has made some bad cars. Here’s a look at the 10 Toyota models car shoppers should avoid at all costs.

10. Every single Camry Solara

A 2003 Toyota Solara driving down road.
2003 Toyota Solara | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

HotCars wrote that one of the worst Toyota options is the Camry Solara, which is very similar to today’s Camry. Toyota’s idea was to offer a sporty version of the Camry. The Japanese automaker gave the Camry Solara a new suspension and sportier styling, but car shoppers weren’t very receptive. Toyota released the car from 1999 to 2008 before it was discontinued due to poor sales.

9. The 2009 to 2015 Toyota Venza

Toyota debuted the Venza in the 2009 model year, and in some ways, it was ahead of its time. The Venza competed in the midsize crossover segment with a wagon-like body shape. However, drivers simply preferred other options in the segment, which was why Toyota discontinued the Venza after the 2015 model year. However, the Japanese automaker revived it in 2021 with a new generation.

8. The 2001 to 2005 RAV4

Although the RAV4 is well-liked and popular today, its second generation, which ran from 2001 to 2005, was not a great option. It had many problems, especially with its transmission. It also didn’t do well on crash tests, which helps explain why this generation was so short.

7. The 2000 to 2005 Toyota Echo

Something similar happened with the Echo. It was only sold in the U.S. between 2000 and 2005 and didn’t get good crash test scores. They were cheap and lackluster, so Toyota discontinued them rather quickly.

6. The 2017 Toyota GR86

This version of the GR86 didn’t have major issues dragging it down, but it did have far better competition. It started at well over $27,000 and was slower and less fuel efficient than other sports cars, such as the Ford Mustang.

5. The Toyota Tercel’s entire fourth generation

The Tercel is a very old car that was more popular before the 21st century. The fourth generation of the vehicle, which spanned the early 90s, wasn’t a bad car. However, many thought it was ugly and unfun to drive.

4. Every single Previa

Toyota only sold the Previa in the U.S. between the 1991 and 1997 model years, and the minivan didn’t do well. Just like the Tercel, the Previa was found to be ugly and underpowered compared to other minivans at the time. 

3. The 1998 to 2002 Corolla

The 1998 to 2002 model years of the Corolla represent the car’s eighth generation in the U.S., which bucked the trend drivers were expecting from the Corolla. It had many reliability problems, which explains why the generation was cut short.

2. The 2012 to 2015 Scion iQ

Although the Scion iQ did not have the Toyota name, it was still a Toyota. The Japanese automaker created the Scion name to attract younger drivers, and the iQ did that with its unique look. Those business decisions didn’t pay off, and the iQ was discontinued shortly after.

1. 2007 Toyota Yaris

The Yaris name is alive and well, but the 2007 version of the car was not very good. It had a similar look and specs as it does now, but “disappointing” crash test results.


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