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Like most other automakers, Toyota is investing heavily in electric vehicles, and the Japanese auto giant has plenty of EVs coming soon. In total, Toyota plans to release 10 new EVs around the world by 2026, and on top of that, the company also plans on doubling the driving range of its electric cars by that same year. Here’s a look at everything known about Toyota’s upcoming slate of EVs.

Here’s a look at Toyota’s current and upcoming EV lineup

Currently, Toyota only has one battery-powered EV in its lineup, and it’s the bZ4X. Overall, the bZ4X is a competent car, but it’s not groundbreaking or award-winning. This reflects that it’s solid in most areas, but it doesn’t excel in any area compared to its competition. It starts at about $42,000, and the Japanese automaker offers two powertrain configurations.

The standard configuration has one electric motor with 201 horsepower, and the optional configuration has two electric motors with 214 hp combined. The standard version has front-wheel drive, while the optional has all-wheel drive. As such, the baseline bZ4X is the longest-range option available, as it gets 252 miles, while the AWD version only gets 228 miles. 

That’s not a great driving range, especially since many EVs can get close to or over 300 miles right now. Although its specs and capabilities in other areas are not spectacular, Toyota did equip the bZ4X with plenty of smart safety features. It also comes with a 12.3-inch touchscreen. Other than the bZ4X, Toyota may be releasing two new EVs soon, though details are scarce. There’s the LiteCruiser, a compact SUV, and a potential EV version of the Tacoma pickup truck.

Toyota plans on doubling its EVs’ driving range by 2026

The open charging port on a silver-gray 2023 Toyota bZ4X electric compact SUV model
A Toyota bZ4X charging port | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Car and Driver reported that the Japanese auto giant has plans on releasing a total of 10 EVs around the world by 2026, but once again, there aren’t that many details available about those future EVs. Overall, Toyota plans to introduce a total of 30 EVs by 2030, so it shouldn’t be long until more details are revealed about its upcoming models.

One detail that Toyota revealed is that the company wants to introduce a next-generation EV platform by 2026. The bZ4X is being built on the e-TNGA platform, the same platform on which the Subaru Solterra is built. One of the limitations of this platform seems to be range since the Solterra has an even lower amount of range than the bZ4X.

Toyota wants its next-generation EV platform to have double the range of the e-TNGA platform, which could result in Toyota’s EVs having sizeable range numbers. If Toyota can literally double the range number, then its next-generation EVs may get anywhere between 440 miles to 500 miles of range. Toyota claimed that it would do this by massively improving the efficiency of its EVs, though the company was vague about details.

Toyota also has a three-row electric SUV coming soon

The company also announced that it would introduce a three-row electric SUV that would start production in 2025. Once again, though, the Japanese automaker was vague about the details of this brand-new SUV model. Toyota said it would build that brand-new SUV in America along with the model’s batteries.

No other details are known about this upcoming Toyota three-row electric SUV. Since it’s slated to start production in 2025, it may benefit from Toyota’s next-generation EV platform. This could mean that its range number may be impressive as well.

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