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In the last five years, the number of electric and hybrid vehicles in the United States has grown by 80%, but we’ll see more growth due to the incentives listed in the Inflation Reduction Act. U.S. News calculated that from 2020 to 2021, there had been an increase of 20% in electric vehicle registrations. For those curious about buying an electric vehicle, these 10 states have the most EVs.

#1. California

It’s not surprising that California leads the list. The entire state accounted for 28% of the number of EVs in 2021. With 5,694 electric vehicles per 100,000 people and a population of 39.35 million, California has at least 2.24 million registered electric vehicles.

#2. Washington

The Evergreen State ranks second on the list with the most EVs registered at 4,279 per 100,000 people. With a population of 7.512 million people, this would mean that the state of Washington has a little over 321,000 registered electric vehicles.

#3. Oregon

One of the white EVs charging.
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Unsurprisingly, the West Coast has the most EVs; Oregon has 4,013 EVs per 100,000 people. Since Oregon has a population of 4.176 million, there are an estimated 167,600 electric vehicles in the state.

#4. Vermont

Who would have guessed Vermont would have a place in this top 10 list? Despite its exceptional food, majestic green mountains, and maple syrup, Vermont has 3,470 EVs per 100,000 people. With a population of a little over 624,000, Vermont would have an estimated 21,600 EVs.

#5. Hawaii

While it’s not surprising that Hawaii has a place on this list due to the high cost of gas in the state, it is surprising that there aren’t more EVs in Hawaii. Hawaii has 3,295 EVs per 100,000 people and a population of about 1.42 million people. This means there are approximately 46,800 electric vehicles in the island state.

#6. Colorado

Colorado is the sixth state on our list, home of the mile-high city of Denver and the country’s highest suspension bridge with 2,868 EVs per 100,000 people. Colorado has a population of 5.685 million people, more than Oregon, but only has an estimated EV count of slightly over 163,000.

#7. Maryland

Francis Scott Key wrote the national anthem in Maryland, and Harriet Tubman was born in this state, too; now, there are 6.038 million people who call the state home. With 2,817 EVs per 100,000 people, there are an estimated 170,100 electric vehicles on the road in this state.

#8. Massachusetts

Not only did Massachusetts join as a state in 1788, but it was also the first state to write and adopt a constitution, which later served as a model for the U.S. Constitution. Massachusetts has a little over 6.873 million people, but only 2,742 EVs per 100,000 people. This means that there are about 188,500 electric vehicles in the state.

#9. Arizona

Arizona is another surprising state to see in the list of 10 states with the most EVs, but as a state that receives a lot of sunshine, it only makes sense to invest in EVs and solar panels that power both the home and electric vehicle. Arizona has a population of 7.174 people and 2,589 EVs per 100,000, meaning there are approximately 185,700 electric vehicles.

#10. Virginia


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Virginia isn’t just for lovers but for electric vehicles, too, with 2,580 EVs per 100,000 people. With approximately 8.509 million people living in the state of one of the original 13 colonies, there are about 219,500 electric vehicles, which is more than Arizona, but fewer EVs per capita.

Part of the Inflation Reduction Act aims to make electric vehicles more accessible to consumers, which means we’re likely to see more EVs on the road in the future. According to Smart Electric Power Alliance, to prepare for this influx, utility companies will need to support and deploy EV charging infrastructure and plan to minimize the impact on the grid.