10 Russian Dash Cam Videos To Make You Think WTF?

The Kremlin in Moscow illuminated at night
A view of the Kremlin in Moscow at night | iStock.com/ser-alim

Ah, Russia. A land of beauty and extremes. Wonderful architecture and abject poverty. It is also a country famous for the number of funny dash cam videos that it produces. Russian dash cam videos are literally popping up everywhere. The proliferation of these videos has many people wondering if Russians are just incredibly bored or what. Why make so many videos from the dashboard of your car? There is a great deal of Russian commonsense behind the dash cam explosion coming out of the nation. There is a huge number of traffic accident scams being ran at any given moment and a large percentage of the Russian people believe that the police are corrupt. The result is an amazing number of Russian dash cam videos to entertain the world.

With tens of thousands of these Russian dash cam videos on the internet, it can be hard to find the most interesting. By interesting, we mean the craziest, most WTF videos out there right now. That is why the Cheat Sheet has decided to step up and offer this list of the ten craziest Russian dash cam videos that we can find. While building the list, we kept an eye out for videos that are both funny and will make you think “WTF?” Hopefully, you enjoy these videos as much as we did.

1. Naked and on the run

In most countries if you are running from the police, motorist will not help them catch you. Not in Russia. This Russian dash cam video shows you that running across a man’s car ensures he will help the police take you down — and throw in a few punches for good measure.

2. Watch out for tanks

Only in Russia! Who would have ever thought to keep an eye out for a tank while driving into the city? It must be a fairly common sight to this Russian driver because you can not even hear excitement or surprise in his voice as the tank crosses in front of him.

3. Drunken shopping cart

Nope, drunken shopping cart is not a version of drunk monkey-style fighting. It is a drunk guy caught on a Russian dash cam just rolling around on a shopping cart in the middle of three lanes of heavy traffic. You almost want to see the guy get hit…almost.

4. Traffic scam fail

Is this guy trying to play dead or run a traffic scam? It is hard to tell after he fails so badly. Even the spectators can’t help be amused. The funniest part may be when no one asks if he is OK. Onlookers just go to drag him off the street like it is a normal occurrence.

5. “De plane, de plane!”

The infamous line from Fantasy Island certainly fits. As this Russian dash cam video shows, you not only have to keep an eye out for tanks crossing the road, but airplanes falling out of the sky. No wonder Russian drivers need armored cars just to get to work each morning!

6. Even the critters are dangerous

Russians can’t even take a vacation or simple road trip without obscure obstacles hitting them from out of nowhere. In this video a moose, of all things, runs into the side of a Russian couple’s car. This Russian dash cam video shows a split screen view of the inside and outside of the car during the ensuing crash.

7. Cow tipping at its worst

If you live in the American Midwest, you have at least heard of cow tipping. Yeah, its a strange thing to do, but at least the cows don’t get hurt. This Russian dash cam video shows cow tipping Russian style. Just a quick note for the animal lovers out there: The cows do get hurt in this video.

8. He brought a bat to a hatchet fight

With all of these accidents being caught on Russian dash cams, there are bound to be more than a few confrontations afterward. You would expect the standard fistfights and wrestling matches. What you don’t see every day is a guy grabbing for the baseball bat in his trunk only to find that his opponent is already armed with a hatchet.

9. A quick crash compilation

This video offers you many different accidents in one short six-minute compilation. These Russian dash cams feature several drivers that may make you want to find a way to punch them in the back of the head for endangering so many other drivers.

10. Road rage and fight compilation

Watching other people fight is a world-wide pastime. The thrill of seeing other people in action is age-old and very entertaining to both sexes as this Russian dash cam compilation shows. A word of caution: Despite the hilarity of people dressed as cartoon characters kicking butt in the first video, there is some graphic material throughout the eleven minutes of this video.