Channel Your Favorite Superhero in These Stunning Super Cars

Source: Zack Snyder's Twitter
Source: Zack Snyder’s Twitter

Love them or hate them, comic books have become a staple of American society. With their humble beginnings as wartime propaganda pieces, to their modern cinematic incarnations, the imaginative world of superheroes is a fun-filled force to be reckoned with. Which leaves the average comic reader with a daunting question: What would the average comic book character drive in the real world?

Sure, we have all seen the various manifestations of the Batmobile over the years, and it was impossible to ignore Tony Stark driving an Acura NSX prototype in the blockbuster hit The Avengers. But which cars truly lend themselves to the personalities and powers that make up the heroes and villains we idolize? They are super heroes after all. So it only seems befitting that they have a set of wheels to match such an illustrious title.

Mercedes Benz G500 4x4
Source: Mercedes Benz

1. The Incredible Hulk: Mercedes G500 4×4

A lumbering green goliath like the Incredible Hulk, who has uncontrollable strength (and a temper to match), needs something equally beastly to handle the abuse he will inevitably throw at it. Surely anything less is destined to wind up crushed like a tin can, and left on the side of the road for local scrappers to pick up. Enter the Mercedes Benz G500 4×4. With its massive 22-inch wheels and a foot and a half of ground clearance, this mean, not-so-green, German machine is ready to go toe to toe with the worst terrain imaginable. This particular incarnation of the much talked about 6×6 edition boasts over 400 horsepower of raw off-road ferocity that can only be matched by the untamed aggression of its driver. With a color scheme reminiscent of its owner, the G500 4×4 is destined to “smash” any obstacle in its way.

Source: Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus

2. Silver Surfer: Glickenhaus SCG003

With a twin-turbo powered V6 pushing the lightweight carbon chassis forward, the Glickenhaus SCG003 is perfect for the famed silver superhero to surf around in. Everything from the car’s interchangeable drivetrains, to its streamlined sleek styling, and more than appropriate paint scheme, lends itself to one of the most shiny aliens in the history of graphic novels.

Source: Ariel

3. Spider-Man: Ariel Atom

A winning web containing an open cockpit, sensationally nimble handling, surprising power, a super small frame, and the ability to rearrange anyone’s face, make the Ariel Atom an ideal set of wheels for old Spidey. Now sporting a 500 horsepower V8, this little guy is guaranteed to get Aunt May that jug of whole milk from the store in no time flat. There is something undeniably cheeky about this little anomaly, and being 100% road legal gives the sharp witted web slinger a real advantage when picking up Mary Jane on his drive home.

Source: Lamborghini/Facebook

4. Iron Man: Lamborghini Aventador

Few superheroes have caught the attention of the American public more than the ever sarcastic, flashy, technological mastermind and billionaire Tony Stark. While he doesn’t have any special powers per say, that shiny red suit of his more than makes up for any mortal inabilities that could hamper him from saving the day, just like the Aventador seen here: It’s sharp, expensive, technologically laden, and impossible to ignore from bonnet to boot. Plus, it has that Iron Man candy coated shell thing going for it right out of the gate. Now, if only there were a way to put a jetpack on it and some rocket launchers…

Source: Porsche

5. Catwoman: Porsche Panamera Turbo S

Sleek, sensuous, and stunning to behold in person, the Panamera Turbo S slides onto the scene with feral feline finesse. Inside its spacious four-door cabin piles of heisted gems, jewelry, and rare paintings can be found under the watchful eye of their new owner: Catwoman. But be careful, anyone who gets too close is sure to feel the 570 horsepower* fangs lurking behind that pretty smile. The car is undoubtedly stolen since Catwoman still is one of the world’s best master thieves, and witnesses to her are just a liability. But instead she grants mercy, retracts her claws, and begins to pull ahead down the rain soaked streets of Gotham City. There is no denying that those curvaceous lines make the Porsche Panamera one of the sexiest four-door cars of all time.

Source: Geneva Motor Show

6. Wolverine: Kahn Design’s Flying Huntsman

Logan is most definitely the unkempt, outdoorsy type. His love for strong cigars, flannel shirts, massive side burns, and all things rough and rugged give the typical comic reader a feeling that this guy probably feels more at home in the wilds of Alaska than in the confines of a car. After all, his name is Wolverine. So when choosing an ideal automobile, Wolvie probably needs something that is going to handle anything he throws at it, including coolers full of cheap beer.

So when British-based Kahn Design released its insane 6×6 Flying Huntsman at the Geneva Motor Show recently, America’s favorite adamantium filled mutant said, “I’ll take one bub.” Logan doesn’t feel like an animal in a cage now thanks to the truck’s massive panoramic roof and roomy cabin. He also has piece of mind courtesy of the truck’s armored variant, and the truck’s upgraded suspension and brake system can now keep Wolverine on the hunt for various villains. Surely the grumpy 5-foot-3 grunt wants a little “grunt” to go along with everything else, so a 6.2-liter LS3 V8 engine sporting 430 horsepower delivers the torque to all six wheels when the heat is on. There’s a reason why Wolvie wants six wheels. One to match each one of his claws.

Source: Ford

7. Superman: Ford GT

Look! On the Nurburgring! It’s a Ford! It’s a blur! It’s Superman! Yeah, the man of steel wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best, and when it comes to cars, he wanted something to match his outfit. With laser red eyes, lines sharper than a speeding bullet, and a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 with more than 600 horsepower, Clark is off to save the day in style. But since the car does have a bit of a small cockpit let’s just hope that there’s a telephone booth near the scene of the crime — though let’s be honest, he probably prefers flying anyways.

Source: Rinspeed

8. Professor Xavier: Rinspeed XchangE

Nothing says Professor X more than this Tesla built by Swiss based Rinspeed. Just like the telepath’s wheelchair, this car can drive itself, going where it has to without needing much help from its passengers. And with more than 20 possible seating arrangements, the good professor can rest comfortably on his way to his latest book signing. This vehicle has been branded as fully autonomous and has an adjustable steering wheel that can move from one side of the dash to the other when needed. All the professor has to do now is hook it up to Cerebro.

Source: McLaren

9. Batman: McLaren 650S Le Mans

Brooding in the shadows, he waits for his prey. Fully aware that evil never sleeps. But after beating the snot out of the likes of the Riddler, Crock, and Sandman, Bruce Wayne is ready to cruise home in style. Rumor has it that this billionaire playboy also occasionally enjoys a good jaunt around the track, and the extremely limited McLaren 650S delivers the goods here via all 8 cylinders. With 650 horsepower screaming from its 3.8 liter all-aluminum engine, the Dark Knight can now rocket to 60 miles per hour in under 3 seconds. Sure, this nifty gadget is going to set Bruce’s bank account back about half a million when it goes on sale later this year, but isn’t that what being a billionaire playboy is all about?

Source: Bugatti

10. Dr. Doom: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

A mad scientist and sorcerer intent on harboring the downfall and enslavement of all mankind needs a set of wheels to match his personality. So what could be more perfect for the ever villainous Dr. Doom than a 1,000 horsepower maniacal machine of unfathomable power? Holding the world hostage most certainly makes it possible for Doom to afford any car he chooses, so the jaw-dropping sticker price is a moot point. The Latverian-born mad man appreciates all things sinister, and a car that can outpace virtually anything on the market surely gives reason for Doom to sport a sinister grin behind that forged mask of his as he blasts down the Autobahn.

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