10 Easy Car Detailing Hacks to Make Your Car Look Great This Summer

Whether you’ve just come from the beach and have a car filled with sand, or you’re ready to get the dirt and grime off from that last rainstorm, knowing some easy car detailing hacks can make your life simpler. Not only will these items and tips improve the look of your car, but they will also ensure you don’t spend hours cleaning and waxing only to have the next rainstorm ruin your effort

1. Clean out dusty air vents

Using compressed air to clean air vents in your car
Compressed Air Cleaning | Wiki Commons

A can of compressed air can make it easy to have clean air vents. This item can also help with small crevices where dirt and debris collect. Use the air as you would on your computer keyboard and clean up your car.

2. A coffee filter makes for an easy car detailing hack

Did you know you can clean your car’s interior with a coffee filter? These items are made of lint-free paper, making them perfect for dusting your dashboard and cleaning off the pesky dirt. When you don’t have the proper cloth, a coffee filter can do the job for you.

3. Use a squeegee to remove pet hair

Pet hair gets on everything in your car. While you might love your pet, your friends might not want to wear their fur out to dinner. Of course, you might not want that either. Use a squeegee to collect the pet hair on the seats and pick up the collected mess much easier.

4. Buy a power waxer/polisher

Using a orbital polisher can cut down on car cleaning time
Polishing Using an Orbital Machine | Shutterstock

Who wants to spend hours waxing and polishing a car by hand? Since no one raised their hand, buying a power waxer/polisher seems smart. This could be the best of the car detailing hacks to help you avoid spending hours rubbing down your vehicle by hand. These items come in various sizes and can be a great time saver.

5. A clean windshield is an important part of car detailing

One of the hacks you’ll use the most is to keep a microfiber windshield cleaner tool in your glove box. This handy item helps you keep your windshield clean and free of dirt that could become problematic. If you live in an area where you get snow, this item is great for wiping away condensation, according to One Good Thing.

6. Clean those headlights with baking soda toothpaste

This person cleaning their car might be using some of our car detailing hacks
Cleaning a Car | Shutterstock

The Krazy Coupon Lady tells us a little bit of baking soda toothpaste makes easy work of cleaning the headlight lenses on your car. The abrasive nature of the product cleans away the haze and leaves you with clean and clear headlights that look great. This could be one of the most essential car detailing hacks you use.

7. Apply a little olive oil to the dashboard

When you don’t have any Armor All wipes, and you want to give your dashboard a nice shine, olive oil will do the trick. Mom 4 Real tells us this item makes your dash look great and helps seal in some of the moisture to prevent future cracking.

8. A grit guard is essential and a great car detailing hack

How do you keep from putting the dirt back on your car once you tip your wash mitt in the bucket? Hellcat.org tells us to use a grit guard. This item sits at the bottom of your wash bucket. It allows the dirt and grime to sink to the bottom so that you’re always using clean water.

9. Avoid the mess inside the car

Use a large plastic cereal container as a trash can. Line it with a grocery bag and put your trash there instead of all over. Too many of us drive with a mess in the footwell of the passenger side of a car. This item can take away all that trouble and make it much simpler for you to have a clean vehicle.

10. A clever cupholder cleaner might be the best of the car detailing hacks

Put an old sock over a travel cup and douse it in Windex. Twist the sock-covered cup into the cupholder and let it pick up the dirt and mess in the cupholder. This is an easy way to clean out the cupholders and keep your car looking great.

Use these car detailing hacks to enjoy a clean car all summer long.

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