10 Cars and SUVs That Will Most Likely Cost Under $10K

People shopping for vehicles who are constrained to a budget generally look for cars priced at under $10,000, a fairly common threshold for used cars — so common, in fact, that many dealer websites will actually have pages built to filter out results over that amount.

So, what kind of car do you get for that kind of money? The guys at iSeeCars.com wanted to find out, and to do so, they employed their data bank of 30 million used car classifieds from 2013 and sifted through which cars were under $10,000. From there, they were able to determine the greatest percentage of used vehicles for sale that fell below five figures; for example, a Honda Civic has a 23.2 percent chance of falling under $10,000. Further, iSeeCars was also able to discern the average mileage on each vehicle.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the list was made up largely of American vehicles. “A reason why the list consists of mostly American cars may be due to the fact that those cars don’t retain their value as well,” Phong Ly, CEO and co-founder of iSeeCars.com said in the statement. “Also, the percentage for Honda Civic may be lower because of its popularity — there are a lot more Civics on the market than there are [Ford] Taurus’.”

Here are the ten most commonly found vehicles for under $10,000.


10. Ford Focus

Ford’s enduring Focus range has proven to be a popular seller around the world for years now, and according to iSeeCars’s data, about a quarter of the used Focus models for sale — 24.5 percent — fall under the $10,000 threshold. Out of those vehicles, the Focuses included in the study had an average odometer reading of 97,310 miles, one of only two vehicles in the top ten to possess a mileage average of under 100,000.


9. Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra is built on value even when new, so it’s of little surprise that’s its a wallet-friendly car when used. About 24.9 percent of the Elantras featured on iSeeCars last year were marked at $10,000 or less, and possessed an average of 94,562 miles — the least on the list. This would imply that of the ten vehicles featured, the Hyundai Elantras are likely the newest on average as well, given their lower mileage.

Chrysler Town&Country

8. Chrysler Town & Country

The Chrysler (FIATY.PK) Town & Country is one of America’s favorite minivans, alongside its sibling, the Dodge Caravan (number six.) Over a quarter — 25.9 percent — of the Town & Country vans for sale on the site last year could be bought for under $10,000, while the average odometer reading fell around 112,796.


7. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep’s beloved Grand Cherokee starts off life as a premium SUV — prices for a brand new model can fly past $50,000 after options in the right trim, but Grand Cherokees of years past seem to have trouble holding their value. Of all the Grand Cherokees that were featured on iSeeCars last year, nearly a third of them (27.4 percent) were available for under ten grand. They were, however, being driven further; the average mileage reading fell at 129,336.


6. Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Caravan is similar to the Chrysler Town & Country, but with less standard equipment, different trims, and flying under a different flag. Given that the Caravan sells at a discount to the Chrysler off the showroom floor, it’s not a surprise that more of the used units – 28.9 percent of them — command stickers of less than $10,000, according to iSeeCars.com’s data. The average mileage readings were slightly higher however, at 114,355 miles, indicating that Dodge owners were driving them longer.


5. Jeep Liberty

Jeep’s Liberty has been a popular choice for those looking for a road-going Jeep that isn’t has expensive as the range-topping Grand Cherokee. They can be had for even better rates once used, as about 29.8 percent of the Jeep Liberty sport utility vehicles that were posted on iSeeCars last year didn’t cost more than $10,000. A mileage average of 110,906 was measured across the board, which is about on par with the other vehicles discussed.


4. Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer has long been one of America’s most popular SUVs, and for the most part, many older models of the Explorer are still on the road, a testament to the car’s enduring legacy. About 32.2 percent of the Explorers on sale at iSeeCars were priced below $10,000, but with average odometer readings of 127,894, they were on the higher end of average in that regard, indicating that buyers were getting more miles out of them and selling them once they’ve aged.


3. Volkswagen Passat

Although it’s never garnered the sales of rivals like the Camry, Fusion, or Altima, Volkswagen’s (VLKAY.PK) Passat has developed a loyal following over the years. Though the new model was developed to offer the most value for the least amount of money, some 33.5 percent of used Passats advertised on the site last year were below $10,000, implying that the best deals might be found in a lightly used model that’s a couple of years old. The average odometer figures came to 110,218, which is about average in comparison to the other cars on the list.


2. Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is currently the largest SUV in Ford’s stable since the Excursion was discontinued. Nonetheless, the Expedition offers enormous amounts of interior space, and with an average of 142,026 miles on the clock, the Expedition boasts the highest average distance logged out of the top ten vehicles. That might at least partially explain why 39.9 percent of the Expeditions for sale could be found for under $10,000 — a significant discount to the $41,000-plus that they cost to buy new.


1. Ford Taurus

Nearly half — 44.4 percent — of all Ford Taurus cars for sale on iSeeCars last year could be purchased for amounts less than $10,000, indicating that the cars have not exactly held their value well over the years. This could be changing with the new, far more premium model, but the Taurus sedans of old were not exactly strong in the resale department. Not helping their cause was the average mileage, at 111,723, isn’t unusually high compared to the cars on this list.