Top 10 Car Brands That Ladies Love

2015 Hyundai-Genesis
Source: Hyundai

We’ve previously dug into the most male-dominated brands of automobiles — which brands were owned mostly by men, as opposed to women. Not surprisingly, the leading brands, some of which boasted a rate of male ownership topping 90%, were high-end, high-performance luxury cars that easily commanded six figures. This says a lot about the spending priorities of wealthy men, though it isn’t unexpected. Conversely, it also says a lot about wealthy women, too: namely, that even with the available means, women would apparently rather spend their money elsewhere.

Fortunately, and its vast trove of car sales data can provide the other side of the story — that is, which brands are most favored by women. “ analyzed more than 30 million used cars listed for sale on [the website] over the last year and studied hundreds of thousands of inquiries of consumers who contacted the seller about a specific car listing,” iSeeCars founder and CEO Phong Ly told Autos Cheat Sheet. “The car brand preferences are based on calculating and comparing the percentages of inquiries from men vs women.”

Read on to see which ten automotive brands women prefer the most, according to iSeeCars’ analysis

New Mini Cooper Car is Unveiled in London
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10. Mini

Before and since their reintroduction to the market under the watchful eye of BMW, Mini hasn’t been considered a particularly masculine auto maker. Even the largest and sportiest of the lot still possess that kind of cute, petite, city-car attitude, which makes it of little surprise that the company falls on this list. Women are reportedly 18% more likely to buy a Mini than men, according to the data gathered by iSeeCars.

Source: Mazda

9. Mazda

When it comes to selecting a new Mazda, women are 21% more likely than men to pull the trigger on a purchase. It’s not all that surprising, though, as Mazda focuses on smaller, more efficient cars that don’t boast as much power. Those are generally not the traits men use for car shopping, though that is changing as cars become more efficient overall.

Source: Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty Images

8. Nissan

With vehicles in its stable such as the Sentra, the Juke, and the Versa Note, and the Leaf,  Nissan has a number of options that the male clientele typically wouldn’t be drawn too — but then again, it also has the GT-R. According to iSeeCars’ data, women are 23% more likely to purchase a Nissan than men are.

Chrysler 200 SEMA
Source: Chrysler

 7. Chrysler

Vehicles made by Chrysler are apparently 32% more likely to be bought by women over men, the study found. This could partially be due to men preferring the Ram or Dodge nameplate over Chrysler’s. Generally, Dodges will offer better performance — think Challengers or Chargers — while Chrysler models tend to be more mild-mannered and reserved, priding comfort over a performance-centric driving experience.

Source: Honda

6. Honda

Honda is arguably one of the more sensible automakers out there today, a stark contrast to the companies found on the list of  male-preferred brands. Again, Honda makes vehicles that tend to be smaller, more practical, and are more efficient, traits that women tend to value over men.  The data found that women were 32% more likely than men to choose a Honda.

Source: Volkswagen

5. Volkswagen

Men might prefer Audis, but Volkswagen is the women’s pick: It was calculated that women are 56% more likely to buy a VW than men are. Again, we see the trend bubbling up that the female demographic is more likely to be attracted to more simplistic and practical vehicles, like those that Volkswagen makes, as opposed to the performance and speed machines that Audi builds.

Source: Scion

4. Scion

Though it is supposed to be aimed at the younger crowd in general, Toyota’s Scion brand seems to be resonating particularly well with women, who are 58% more likely to choose the brand over men. Scion vehicles tend to be less-expensive alternatives to many other auto makers, but also use sporty, sleek designs that obviously strike a chord with the female demographic.

2007 Saturn Sky
Source: Saturn

3. Saturn

General Motors’ now-defunct Saturn brand was apparently quite popular among women, as they were 63% more likely to purchase one than men. Perhaps not coincidentally, Saturn was also one of GM’s more affordable brands, as well, adding even more credence to the idea that women tend to choose practicality over performance.

Source: Hyundai

2. Hyundai

Women are a whopping 67% more likely to pick a Hyundai than men are, though that number could change as the brand continues its drive toward the upscale market. Hyundai may lure in more male buyers with vehicles like the Equus and Genesis. Of course, the only brand that evidently does better with women than Hyundai is its sister brand.

Source: Kia

1. Kia

According to iSeeCars’ data, women were twice as likely to chose a Kia-branded vehicle as opposed to men, indicating that despite the general differences between the Hyundai and Kia vehicles, women opt for the Kia a good deal more.