10 Vehicles Americans Couldn’t Get Enough of in June

Promotion sign at the dealership lot
Promotion sign at the dealership lot | Source: iStock

And just like that, the first half of 2016 has been consigned to the history books.

June saw some fresh blood enter the top 10 best sellers as an emphasis on crossovers brought in Nissan’s Rogue and the Ford Escape for some time at the top. The general trend in sedans continued to inch gradually or decline outright (notably absent is the Honda Accord).

A turbulent June for stocks didn’t seem to hurt sales — overall, the market was up 2.6%. SUVs, pickup trucks, and — oddly — minivans all performed very well. Full-size pickups found a 9.7% upswing in sales versus a softer June of 2015, as steady construction work kept a flow of contractors coming through showrooms.

Read on to see the 10 best-selling vehicles of June in America.

Rankings and stats have been obtained from Cars.com.

10. Ford Escape

2017 Ford Escape Titanium | Source: Ford

A 20.2% jump in sales propelled the redesigned Ford Escape to 29,003 sales for the month of June, putting it 6.1% ahead of the first half of 2015. Year-to-date, Ford’s crossover has sold 155,378 models.

9. Nissan Rogue

2015 Nissan Rogue | Source: Nissan

In a huge upset (and a welcome one for Nissan), the Rogue — rarely a contender in the top 10 — worked with the Ford Escape to bump off the Honda Accord. The Rogue, which has seen enormous success since it’s major redesign for 2014, sold 29,246 units in June for a 25.8% sales blitz. This leaves it up 10% for the year, having moved 148,883 units since January.

8. Honda CR-V

2016 Honda CR-V
2016 Honda CR-V | Source: Honda

Honda CR-V sales are as reliable as the cars themselves. While the Accord took a breather in June, Honda’s CUV sold 29,615 units, for a 4.5% lift over 2015’s already-strong numbers. Despite this, CR-V sales have sagged slightly — 2.4% — since January 1, at 159,075 models sold.

7. Nissan Altima

El Nissan Altima 2017 sigue la línea del nuevo lenguaje de diseño de Nissan “Energetic Flow”.
2017 Nissan Altima | Source: Nissan

After remaining absent from the monthly top ten for a handful of months, the Nissan Altima made a resurgence in June and sold 30,475 units during the month. That’s up 3.6% for June, and puts the Altima in the green by 0.4% for the year to date, having sold 172,695 units.

6. Toyota Corolla

2014 Toyota Corolla S | Source: Toyota

In the face of heated competition, the Toyota Corolla — largely unchanged since 2014 — has held its own. Toyota sold 30,950 of them in June, good for a 1% uptick versus June of last year, while the year-to-date tally sits down 4.2% at 182,193 units sold.

5. Honda Civic

2016 Honda Civic Coupe
2016 Honda Civic Coupe | Source: Honda

Honda breathed new life into the Civic for 2016, and the results have been staggering. The car — sales of which are up nearly 20% year-to-date — saw further sales gains of 10.7% in June, or 31,810 units. This leaves the Civic at 189,840 units for the first half of the year.

4. Toyota Camry

2015 Toyota Camry | Source: Toyota

A 13% sales slide for June couldn’t dampen the standing of the Toyota Camry, which remained America’s best-selling car with 32,561 models moved. This leaves the Camry at 199,760 units sold year-to-date, down 7.4% versus the first half of 2015.

3. Ram Pickup

2016 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel HFE | Source: FCA
2016 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel HFE | Source: FCA

Ram’s 14.4% sales uptick to 38,126 for June couldn’t help it overcome third place, but it did leave the truck up 8.8% on the year, having moved 231,405 models — remarkable staying power considering that, design-wise, it’s the oldest truck of the top three (this current generation bowed as an ‘09).

2. Chevrolet Silverado

Source: Chevrolet
2017 Chevrolet Silverado HD | Source: Chevrolet

Chevy’s sales slip didn’t do anything to help it close the gap with Ford’s F-Series, but it wasn’t a large enough slump to cede ground to Ram. Silverado walked off with silver for June, having moved 49,662 units (down 3.7%) to leave sales at 273,652 for the year so far, putting it in the red by 0.8%.

1. Ford F-Series

2017 Ford F-250 XLT | Source: Ford

Ford continued its domination with sales of 70,937 F-Series trucks in June — a whopping 28.6% surge versus June of 2015. This puts the truck’s half-year tally at 395,244, or 10.7% above the same six-month period of last year. This will likely only continue to surge as the all-new 2017 Heavy Duty trucks begin to hit dealerships and folks swap out their older models for some fresh iron.

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