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Don’t wear white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day. These two holidays bookend what most of us consider to be summer, but the warm, sunny season isn’t over yet. The official end of summer is September 21, and for southern states, it can go on longer. If you want to end your warm season with a bang, you might want to visit some of these road trip stops and add some lasting memories to your end-of-summer vacation.

1. If you’re a hiker, one of your road trip stops should be Devil’s Bridge

A hiker standing on Devil's Bridge near Sedona, AZ
Devil’s Bridge | Wiki Commons

Delish gives us a wonderful place to visit in every state, but if you’re looking for places that will end your summer with a bang, Devil’s Bridge is hard to beat. You’ll have to drive to the trailhead and hike to the bridge, but the natural formation is well worth the effort. Let your travels take you to Sedona, Arizona, and enjoy what this amazing natural formation offers.

2. Venice, California, has more to offer than Muscle Beach

Venice, CA Waterways at sunset
Venice, CA Waterways | Getty Images

Let your westward travels take you to Venice, California, where you can enjoy the amazing waterways that will remind you of Venice, Italy. The beauty of the palm trees along the six waterways gives you some amazing views you’ll want to admire in your car, on a bike, or during a walk along the shorelines.

3. The Garden of the Gods looks like rocks are growing from the Colorado Valley

Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods | Shutterstock

Point your car toward Colorado Springs and find one of the best road trip stops in America. This area of Colorado is home to the Garden of the Gods, which is a National Natural Landmark. Admire the amazing 300-foot sandstone rock formations that remind you of just how beautiful America can be.

4. Check out Starved Rock State Park during your road trip

Starved Rock State Park waterfall
Starved Rock State Park | Getty Images

One of the coolest natural places to visit in Illinois is Starved Rock State Park. This park offers sandstone canyons formed by glacial meltwater. You’ll find miles of trails, waterfalls, and fishing locations at this park near Oglesby, Illinois. This is a great way to get off the road and enjoy one of the best road trip stops in the country.

5. The Kansas Avenue of Murals is one of the most amazing road trip stops

Kansas Avenue of Murals
Kansas Avenue of Murals | Wiki Commons

Whether you’re going east or heading west, you can plan your route to pass through Kansas City. The historic downtown area is where you’ll find the Kansas Avenue of Murals, four blocks worth of amazing artwork. These eight murals are worth a stop, and you’ll find some amazing food nearby, giving you an additional reason to stop and check things out.

6. Your northward journey could bring you to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden featuring a giant spoon and cherry
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden | Wiki Commons

Head north to Minnesota to see one of the most interesting road trip stops you’ll make. The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is home to 40 permanent exhibits and several others that are temporary. This park covers 11 acres and offers some amazing creations that make this a worthwhile stop during your end-of-summer road trip.

7. Forget the beaches, head to Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina

The Mile High Swinging Bridge at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina
Mile High Swinging Bridge, Grandfather Mountain | Shutterstock

You can finish your trip to the beaches along the coast after you stop and explore everything that Grandfather Mountain offers. This mountain in Linville, North Carolina, is one of the most visited mountains in the area. Enjoy the Mile High Swinging Bridge, heading to the Linville Caverns, and the various waterfalls in the area.

8. Your summer road trip goes back in time to Williamsburg, Virginia

A horse-drawn carriage in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
Colonial Williamsburg | Getty Images

One of the best road trip stops along your way could be a visit to a town that keeps Colonial times alive. Williamsburg, Virginia is well-known for the American Revolution experience offered. This town is a place that was visited many times by some of the founders of the United States. If you want to leave history behind for a day of fun, there’s a nearby Six Flags amusement park that can be a lot of fun.

9. Make the New River Gorge Bridge one of your road trip stops

New River Gorge Bridge with fog down below
New River Gorge Bridge | Wiki Commons

If you’re traveling through West Virginia, the New River Gorge Bridge is an amazing place to stop. This bridge spans across the New River Gorge near Fayetteville. For 26 years, this was the world’s longest single-span arch, covering 1,700 feet. Admire the amazing scenery and the beautiful waterway below this bridge.

10. The Grand Teton National Park is a great way to end summer the right way

A road leading into the Grand Teton National Park
Grand Teton National Park | Shutterstock

The Grand Teton National Park could be the best of your road trip stops during this end-of-summer road trip. This park is located in Northwestern Wyoming and offers 310,000 acres of mountains, lakes, and scenery. You could spend several days in this park or drive through and take some incredible photos to add to your memories.

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