What Are the 10 Best Luxury SUV Models to Buy Now According to Consumer Reports

If you’re looking for an SUV that gives you a little something extra, you’ll likely need to reach into the luxury SUV class. This is where you find the upscale brands, advanced technology, smoothest driving manners, and highest quality materials. It’s also where you find higher prices, which means you should know which of these SUVs is the right one to drive.

What is the number one luxury SUV?

Blue 2022 BMW X5 Luxury SUV posed
2022 BMW X5 | BMW

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According to Consumer Reports, the top model is the 2022 BMW X5. This vehicle leads the way in its class, which includes 29 different models. The X5 is considered one of the best vehicles ever made. You’ll find a comfortable ride, excellent finishes, and impressive technology in this BMW.

Price Range: $60,600 – $106,100

The compact SUV class has a surprise leader

Red 2022 Buick Envision Parked
2022 Buick Envision | Buick

In a class with 30 competitors, the premium SUV model, 2022 Buick Envision, is the leader. This vehicle is the top model in its class. The Envision delivers a smooth and quiet ride with excellent finishes in the Avenir trim.

Price Range: $31,500 – $41,650

This luxury SUV class offers versatility

White 2022 Lexus RX L Posed
2022 Lexus RX L | Lexus

If you want a midsize SUV to drive and you need three rows of seats, the 2022 Lexus RX L is the one that CR tells you to buy. This model is second only to the BMW X5. The ride offered is comfortable, and the added third row gives you the passenger space you need.

Price Range: $48,050 – $57,310

Another recommended option for this midsize SUV class is the 2022 Audi Q7. This vehicle gives you three rows of seats, a refined ride, and an amazing cabin. It’s ranked as the number five model in the class.

Price Range: $57,500 – $62,500

What’s the best family luxury SUV?

2022 BMW X7 luxury SUV on the beach
2022 BMW X7 | BMW

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The decision of the best for this class splits between two models. The 2022 BMW X7 offers a midsize feeling while giving you three rows of comfortable seats. This X7 is the top model in the large luxury SUV category.

Price Range: $74,900 – $141,300

If you want something bigger but still luxurious, the 2021 Lexus GX is what CR recommends. This big SUV has a V8 engine and gives you the full-size SUV feeling that you don’t find in many areas of this market. You can tow up to 6,500 pounds during your adventures in the GX.

Price Range: $60,625 – $69,100

Going smaller brings a laundry list of available models

2022 Mini Cooper Countryman Consumer Reports
2022 Mini Cooper Countryman | BMW of North America, LLC

The smaller side of the luxury SUV market offers us several categories that we might not consider a separate part of the auto market, but CR rated them this way.

The top model for the entry-level SUV class is the 2022 Mini Cooper Countryman. You might not consider a Mini a luxury vehicle, but it hit all the right notes. There’s quite a bit of room inside this little vehicle, making it a good option in this category.

Price Range: $29,100 – $41,500

The luxury compact SUV area shows us a familiar name with the 2022 Cadillac XT5. This SUV reached the second spot in this class, and it is still a recommended model. The XT5 finished second only to the Buick Envision. You’ll find expected levels of upscale driving in this small Caddy.

Price Range: $43,995 – $55,895

Another familiar face in the compact class is the 2022 BMW X3. This Beemer offers quick acceleration, impressive driving manners, and the performance you want on any road. If you’re looking for fun in a small luxury SUV, this could be the right one for you.

Price Range: $43,700 – $69,900

If you want something different from the X3, the Audi Q5 is part of this same class. This compact SUV grabs you with excellent interior qualities. Enjoy the smooth ride, comfortable seats, and quiet cabin in the Q5. This Audi is ranked fifth in its class.

Price Range: $43,300 – $59,200

What is the most luxurious 4×4?

While not listed in the CR luxury SUV models, the most luxurious 4×4 is the 2022 Land Rover Defender. This comfortable ride can go wherever you want to take it. You’ll enjoy the advanced off-road package and spacious cabin found in this big SUV.

Price Range: $51,700 – $114,600

Next, check out the 2023 Lincoln Aviator, or watch the Land Rover Defender video below:

This article was updated on 8/17/2022.

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