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When shopping for a new or used car, it’s essential to consider the maintenance costs associated with the vehicle. Maintenance costs can vary significantly between different makes and models and impact long-term ownership costs. Regarding Volvo vehicles, data from RepairPal suggests that only one model has an average annual repair cost of under $400.

Volvo’s common car repair problems

According to RepairPal, the Volvo brand has an average annual repair cost of $769. This cost is higher than the average for most other car brands, so Volvo owners may have to pay more for repairs and maintenance than owners of other vehicles. However, it is important to note that Volvo cars are generally reliable and have a reputation for lasting long if properly maintained.

That being said, some common problems have been reported in specific Volvo models, such as transmission shifting issues due to internal failure and/or software issues on the Volvo S60 and transmission failure on the Volvo XC90. These issues can be costly to repair and may require regular maintenance to prevent further problems.

The Volvo 780 has the lowest annual maintenance costs

A 1985 Volvo 780 executive car model from the 700 Series parked in front of a row of yellow flowers
A 1985 Volvo 780 | Volvo Car Corporation

The Volvo 780 is a luxury coupe produced between 1985 and 1991, known for its unique and stylish design. While it is a classic and desirable car for collectors, its maintenance costs can add up over time. Still, RepairPal states that the average annual maintenance cost for a Volvo 780 is $341, which is significantly lower than the average for the Volvo brand as a whole.

One of the most common concerns reported for the Volvo 780 is transmission issues, specifically with the overdrive relay. The overdrive relay is a crucial component that helps regulate the transmission’s shift timing and ensure the car runs smoothly. However, it has been known to fail in some Volvo 780 models, particularly those produced in 1990 and 1991. The failure of this relay can cause issues with transmission shifting, leading to further damage and costly repairs.

Apart from the overdrive relay, a failed fuel pump relay is another common repair for the Volvo 780. This is a common problem in Volvo 780 models, particularly those with high mileage.

The Volvo V60 Cross Country has the most expensive repair costs

The Volvo V60 Cross Country is a luxury wagon that offers a comfortable ride, ample cargo space, and a variety of advanced features. However, it also comes with a hefty price tag for maintenance and repairs. One of the most expensive repairs on this model is fuel tank replacement, which can cost between $2,209 and $2,324. This repair is not a common occurrence, but it is something to keep in mind if you own this model and experience any issues with your fuel tank.

Another costly repair on the Volvo V60 Cross Country is radiator replacement, which can range from $1,224 to $1,517. A failing radiator can cause your engine to overheat, which can lead to even more costly repairs down the line. It is essential to monitor your engine’s temperature gauge and promptly address any issues with your radiator to avoid further damage.

The suspension system of the V60 Cross Country also requires costly maintenance, with suspension shock or strut replacement costing between $1,731 and $1,826. If you notice that your vehicle is bouncing excessively or hear rattling or clunking sounds while driving, it may be a sign that your shocks or struts need to be replaced. Finally, another expensive Volvo V60 Cross Country repair is the camshaft replacement, which can cost between $2,037 and $2,349. 

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