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Regular maintenance is a given if owners want to keep their vehicles on the road. Whether a car is new or used, it eventually needs repairs. But models from some brands are less expensive to maintain than others. So, how well do Ram vehicles perform in that area?

A division of Dodge, Ram is a reliable brand known for long-lasting vehicles. Some Ram trucks are even pocket-friendly, thanks to their lower maintenance costs. According to RepairPal, one Ram model — the 1500 — has annual repair costs under $700. That’s a bargain compared to average truck maintenance costs.

How much does it cost to repair a Ram vehicle?

Ram maintenance, Ram 1500 maintenance
2023 Ram 1500 | Stellantis

Ram vehicles have relatively low maintenance costs and provide reliable performance. On average, Ram trucks cost their owners $858 a year to repair. That’s because many of their most common problems are cheap to fix.

For instance, a power steering system leak, fairly common in the Dakota, costs only $44 to $56 to fix.

Another typical service is brake bleeding. Occasionally, the air in the hydraulic brake system needs to be removed through bleeding. This repair is common in the Ram 2500, costing $62 to $78.

One of the most expensive repairs among Ram vehicles is replacing the exhaust pipe, according to RepairPal. A faulty exhaust pipe can cost between $1,941 and $1,967. This issue is most common in the Ram 3500.

The Ram 1500 has the lowest maintenance costs in the brand’s lineup

Although some Ram vehicles require a few expensive repairs, the Ram 1500 has the lowest maintenance costs. On average, the 1500 costs only $691 yearly to repair, and it’s the only Ram model whose annual repairs cost less than $700.

Most owner-reported complaints about the Ram 1500 concern the inactive merged-revised rear shocks. Often in cold weather and at low speeds, drivers hear a clunking noise from the truck, especially when passing over speed bumps. Testing the Ram 1500’s suspension costs $44 to $56, and if the vehicle has a suspension problem, replacing it runs about $1,397 to $1,430, RepairPal says.

In some Ram 1500 models, the A/C compressor and water pump might need replacing. Replacement costs are $888 to $919 for the A/C compressor and $940 to $1,000 for the water pump.

Additionally, the 1500’s fuel-level sending unit sometimes fails, requiring $897 to $1,157in replacement costs.

As far as maintenance is concerned, those are the most expensive problems the Ram 1500 faces.

Is it costly to own a Ram 3500?

Among the brand’s models, the heavy-duty Ram 3500 has the highest annual repair costs. Its owners spend an average of $1,279 yearly on repairs. Sometimes the brake booster becomes faulty and needs replacing, costing $1,001 to $1,050. Worse, the steering gearbox might fail, costing between $1,486 and $1,537 to repair.

One of the Ram 3500’s safety features is the backup warning system sensor. Whenever it fails, it needs to be replaced urgently, costing between $703 and $716. Last, the Ram 3500’s radiator hose might fail, costing $767 to $801 to replace. Other Ram 3500 maintenance issues cost under $700.


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