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Suzuki may no longer be selling cars in the U.S., but it hasn’t pulled out of the country completely. Currently, in the states, Suzuki may be best-known for its motorcycles, such as the high-performance Hayabusa. With that said, Suzuki actually has products in many industries that require engines, and that includes boats. Here’s a look at Suzuki’s powerful, award-winning outboard motor. 

The boating industry award that Suzuki won

Like Suzuki Marine wrote, Boating Industry Magazine recently awarded one of Suzuki’s outboard motors with its coveted Top Products Award. Boating Industry Magazine only hands out 50 of these awards every year, and they can go to any aspect of the boating industry. Only products that provide a lot of “innovation, uniqueness, and benefits” to the boating industry as a whole are eligible for this award, according to Suzuki Marine.

The outboard motor that won this award was Suzuki’s DF300B. It’s a V6 engine, and as its name would imply, it delivers about 300 hp to the boat. Suzuki Marine said that up to four of these motors can be installed onto a boat, and with a quad installation, they can deliver about 1,200 hp in total. That said, power isn’t the only reason why Boating Industry Magazine gave Suzuki this award.

A look at Suzuki’s innovative design

Suzuki outboard motors on display
A display of various Suzuki outboard motors | Ant Palmer/Getty Images

Suzuki has put a lot of thought in the DF300B’s design, and the result is simply a better performance than usual. The DF300B uses Suzuki’s contra-rotation propellers, which Suzuki Marine said is a technology that’s exclusive to Suzuki products right now. As Suzuki Marine explained, these contra-rotating propellers provide a “superior grip on the water,” even when it comes to larger boats. 

Furthermore, the DF300B has six blades instead of three, and Suzuki Marine wrote that this design allows the DF300B to be more hydrodynamic than a three-blade design. This hydrodynamic design works together with Suzuki’s contra-rotating propeller technology to provide a superior performance as a whole.

As a result of these technological upgrades, the DF300B improves a boat’s performance in many aspects of boating. For example, Suzuki Marine wrote that the DF300B will give boats better mid-range acceleration, a better top speed, and even better maneuverability at low speeds. 

That said, not every boat needs a 300-hp outboard motor, and Suzuki Marine said that the DF300B is perfect for the larger boats that are popular today. If 300 hp is too much, then Suzuki offers many smaller options. For instance, Suzuki Marine said that Suzuki also offers motors that are as small as 2.5 hp. 

Suzuki makes a name for itself in the boating industry

It’s never a good sign when a car company stops selling cars, but for Suzuki, that’s not really the case. Suzuki might have abandoned the American car market, but Suzuki, at its core, makes engines. As a result, anything that needs an engine is fair game, and Suzuki has been making products using its engine technology for decades. 

Suzuki’s boating division isn’t actually a new one either, as Suzuki has been making outboard motors for decades. However, ever since shuttering the doors of its American auto division, Suzuki in America has focused its energy on its motorcycles and its outboard motors, as well as its many other products. 

It’s no surprise then that Suzuki won this coveted award. George Blakely, who’s the VP of Sales for Suzuki America’s marine division, said, according to Suzuki Marine, “The response to our new DF300B has been overwhelming.” As Suzuki continues to make a name for itself in the boating world, perhaps that could revitalize its name in the auto industry too. 


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