The 1 Obvious Reason This Naked Couple Crashed Into A FedEx Truck

Basic safe driving means paying attention to the road. Basic sexual activity means doing it behind closed doors, and we don’t mean car doors. This couple defied both and crashed into a FedEx truck as a result. So MotorBiscuit gets to report an unusual story that spells out a motoring tip that should be obvious: Do this at home, not in your car.

What happened to the SUV driver?

Fort Lauderdale crash
Fort Lauderdale SUV and FedEx crash | YouTube

This accident occurred last week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Welcome to South Florida. The driver of the SUV that crashed into the FedEx truck sustained injuries to his private area as a result of the head-on crash’s impact. He was taken to the hospital according to Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue. It is not known if the driver received a citation.

It’s also unknown how the FLFR classified the SUV driver’s injuries. Reports said that the driver did not sustain “reproductively terminal” injuries.  The two FedEx passengers also sustained minor injuries.

However you look at this, it was no happy ending for the driver. A screenshot of TV station WPLG Local 10 shows police surrounding the prone, naked man in abject humiliation on the sidewalk. Also surrounded by police is the woman in the street. You can see the FedEx driver and passenger at the upper right. Unfortunately, or maybe, fortunately, the video is no longer available.  

Did the FedEx driver see the SUV driver coming?

Fort Lauderdale crash
Fort Lauderdale SUV and FedEx crash | YouTube

The SUV is obviously on the wrong side of the street. But we wonder if the FedEx driver saw him coming? There doesn’t appear to have been any attempt to avert the collision. 

According to Science Direct, this type of distracted driving goes on far more often than we imagined. We’ll continue by using the term distracted driving, but you get what happened, don’t you?. Reports of incidents like these in the media were part of a 2021 study. According to the study, these types of incidents appeared 106 times between 2004 and 2020. The bad part is that 43 percent involved serious injuries, and fatalities involved 21.7 percent. 

Similar crashes have undergone studies

Fed Ex
A FedEx delivery truck in Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Getty

These crashes involved almost 72 percent of male drivers and 28 percent of female drivers. In all, 16 percent of the injuries involved hitting another car, and three percent involved hitting a pedestrian or cyclist. Mild accidents, those where there were no crashes or fatalities, accounted for almost 60 percent of the reports. And almost all of the incidents involved either speeding or lane departures. 

In 2014, students at the University of South Dakota were part of a similar study. A third of males and nine percent of female students admitted to doing this. “People are getting killed out there because they’re having sex while driving, either with themselves or with another person,” said USD Professor Cindy Struckman-Johnson. “If they’re getting killed, we have an obligation to understand it.”

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