This $1 Mil Unimog RV Out EarthRoamer’d EarthRoamer

The never-ending game of leapfrog with increasingly insane campers has leveled up once again. Germany’s Stone Offroad Design (SOD) is known for its brolic custom 4×4 campers. SOD now offers a unimog camper called the Rise 4×4. This tough off-roader employs a Mercedes Unimog to out EarthRoamer, well, EarthRoamer. 

Rendering of the upcoming Rise 4x4 Unimog camper that has the means to out EarthRoamer, EarthRoamer.
Rise 4×4 | SOD

This ain’t your normal Unimog

As seen on New Atlas, the Rise 4×4 Unimog camper is not your typical Unimog. This rig is a perfect blend of high-end luxury mixed with stone-crushing 4×4 power. Like, EarthRoamer, the Rise 4×4 camper has left nothing undone. The rig is covered end to end in helpful off-road components and fancy gizmos and interior to keep its inhabitants comfortable no matter how far out you end up. 

Also, like EarthRoamer, this camper truck is not cheap. EarthRoamers start around $500k and can bump up over $1 million when properly outfitted. The Rise 4×4 skipped the half measures and just shot for the ceiling. Although the recipe isn’t anything new, this might be the best execution we have seen on a tough, high-end, go-anywhere luxury rig. 

Is there a camper better than the EarthRoamer? 

Inside the luxury Rise 4x4 camper truck
Rise 4×4 interior | SOD

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The Rise 4×4 starts with a huge head start over the EarthRoamer by using the bullish Mercedes Unimog as a base instead of a normal Ford F-series pickup that requires miles of upgrades. The Unimog requires little to no upgrades to be a hard-nosed off-roader. This is what the Unimog was built to do. 

Standard equipment for a Unimog is a proper 4×4 system with locking front and rear differentials, but also standard performance-boosting add-ons like clearance-lifting portal axles, tire pressure management, an eight-speed transmission with off-road gear set, and a raised air intake system that allows for fording through depths of nearly 4 ft. 

SOD adds little to the truck’s performance other than adding a grill guard atop the embedded-winch bumper and offers Rise 4×4 buyers both 230-hp four-cylinder and 394-hp six-cylinder diesel engine options. Other accessories include an alcove-front stone guard and LED light bar, a rear spare tire carrier that also hauls a motorcycle or small ATV, and an aluminum cargo box.

How nice is the Rise 4×4 camper? 

Inside the luxury Rise 4x4 camper truck
Rise 4×4 interior | SOD

With the performance well taken care of by Mercedes, the folks at SOD mainly had the interior to focus on. One of the coolest features is that the camper cabin is modular, which can be removed from the truck and used separately. 

A pop-top (maybe where the camper got its name) adds more headroom and an alcove bedroom atop the rig. Behind the steps for this upper suite sits the bathroom. A luxurious full bathroom is a must if you are running a $1 million rig. 

The other half of the “rise” namesake might also refer to what is found above the dining area. The second bed lifts away and stows over the U-shaped sofa and round table, leaving a chandelier dangling fancifully over the lounge. At night, that double bed lowers down just over tabletop level, the chandelier collapsing without fuss. Since when did we get Chandeliers in campers? 

There is also a four-burner stovetop, oven, a full-height double-door fridge/freezer, and a normal kitchen sink. If all of that hasn’t proven the Rise’s intent, it also has a state-of-the-art wifi system and multimedia package. Power comes stored in a 400-Ah/24-V lithium-ion battery pack wired up to 840 watts of solar panels. Temperature control is provided via air/water heating, underfloor heating, and A/C.

Will this camper actually come to market? 

The renderings show a fully kitted living room, complete with books, various chachkis, and other impractical decore for off-roading. However, most overlanders will likely pass on the Pottery barn catalog look. 

SOD plans to begin production in 2022, meaning deliveries could start as early as late next year. The ultimate camper is finally here. All you need is a cool million to enjoy it. 

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