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Consumer Reports is the definitive voice for delivering unbiased research on a wide range of products, including all manner of motor vehicles. In addition to reporting an overall reliability rating on specific models, Consumer Reports also conducts satisfaction surveys from the owners’ perspectives. The following is a breakdown of why one of Mercedes-Benz’s sport utility vehicles topped the list of 2023’s least satisfying luxury SUVs. 

How satisfaction is judged using Consumer Reports owner surveys 

A gray 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class compact luxury SUV model parked overlooking a city of night lights
2023 Mercedes-Benz GLB | MBUSA

According to Consumer Reports, owner satisfaction is based on whether or not members, in hindsight, would be happy to repurchase their same choice of vehicle. Additional metrics considered include the owner’s level of driving experience, comfort, and value. The CR Member Annual Reliability Survey also averages owners’ overall satisfaction in each area.

As for when there is no data for brand-new and redesigned models on the market, CR makes predictions based on the manufacturer’s history and data from previous model years.

How many respondents would purchase the 2023 GLB again? 

Consumer Reports looked at the top (or rather bottom) 10 vehicles with the worst owner satisfaction ratings for 2023. With various vehicle builds and classes making the list, more than one luxury SUV model was featured. However, the worst among them in terms of owner satisfaction is the Mercedes-Benz GLB compact SUV.

Only 39% of current owners reported that they would repurchase the GLB, making it the second least-satisfying model of the bunch. So, what makes the GLB luxury SUV such a contentious buy? Despite being reasonably affordable for a luxury SUV with a price point starting at around $40,000, many find the GLB to lack value in its lower trim levels, such as Car and Driver. The model lacks a lot of desirable features from a luxury SUV. Additionally, while its smaller size makes it more affordable to many drivers, it also can make the model cramped and uncomfortable for passengers.

How the 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLB stacks up to other SUVs in the same class  

The 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLB falls below most other SUVs in the luxury class spectrum. In the list of the 10 least-satisfying cars, it surpasses only the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport’s score of 38%. In its area of luxury SUVs, the Infiniti QX 50 scored slightly higher than the GLB, coming in with a score of 40%. 

While the GLB offers a respectable 0-60 mph acceleration rate in the Sport driving model’s manual setting, the system overrides the manual feature and shifts for you if you wait too long to change gears. However, drivers can easily merge onto the interstate without any turbo lag. Drivers also benefit from the Mercedes’ firm braking field, and its independent suspension system adapts to road imperfections, providing a smooth ride with tight handling.  

Overall, the Mercedes GLB model successfully insulates the interior cabin from exterior noise. That said, the outer whir of activity competes for passenger attention at higher speeds. The GLB provides greater rear visibility thanks to its squared-off shape, and its rain-sensing windshield wipers are a standard feature. Other standard features include LED headlights and running lights that automatically illuminate when natural lighting requires. 

As mentioned, passenger space contributes to the GLB’s low ratings in the comfort and value ranges. Although reviewers appreciate its generous cargo space, they report a cramped passenger seating area while noting that additional seating for seven passengers is available as an upgrade.  

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