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Trends run through the pickup truck world like water through a tin horn. While many trends are constantly swirling around the truck market, one seems to dominate the rest. Hybrid and electric powertrains are clearly where carmakers believe we are headed. Every other new car has either a hybrid version or has been remade to run on battery power alone. The massive popularity and critical success of the 2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid marks one of the market’s best pickup trucks and points directly to this quickly growing trend. 

A 2023 Ford Maverick XL shows of some of its best features.
Ford Maverick XL | Ford

What is the best pickup truck of 2023? 

While this can hard to prove definitively, and many critics will have their own take, many car reviewers believe the 2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid is one of, if not the best pickup truck on the market right now. 

In a world where fossil fuel consumption is a growing concern, and car price increases are equally concerning, the Ford Maverick addresses both with quality and coolness. The Ford Maverick Hybrid is efficient, small, powerful, reliable, safe, and affordable. If that isn’t an attractive pickup truck, I’m not sure what is. 

What makes the 2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid so popular? 

2023 Ford Maverick, most reliable Ford, says Consumer Reports, and cheapest new pickup truck, parked under lights
2023 Ford Maverick | Ford

Most buyers are only looking for a few things; value, efficiency, and safety. Sure, there are plenty of people who want a fast car or some towering beast to stop through the woods, but this isn’t the majority. 

The Ford Maverick Hybrid delivers on all the things that the average consumer is looking for. Starting at only $22,595, the Maverick Hybrid is the cheapest pickup truck in America. Value? Check. 

The Ford Maverick also comes standard with a hybrid powertrain. The little truck’s power comes from a 2.5-liter hybrid four-cylinder making a peppy 191 hp. This is the main feature that is catching on like wildfire in the truck world. For all of car history, our pickup trucks have typically been the least fuel efficient. They aren’t overly aerodynamic, they use big, torquey engines, and they were meant to work, not drive long distances. Because of those factors, trucks didn’t really need to be overly fuel efficient. However, times have changed. Nowadays, many Americans use a pickup truck as a daily driver. This means efficiency is finally on the list of needs for pickup trucks. 

This trend of efficiency is manifesting in hybrid powerplants not only being commonplace in the truck segment but maybe coming close to being expected. Hybrid and fully electric trucks are taking over the space, and it’s about time. 

What is so appealing to many truck buyers about the Ford Maverick is that it is the cheapest pickup truck on the market and still sports the hottest trend in modern truck manufacturing. The Ford Maverick Hybrid is a very tough competitor. Sure, there are plenty of bigger, stronger, faster, and nicer pickup trucks. However, none of them offer as much truck for as little money as the Maverick. 

While the hybrid and electric trend is a welcomed addition to the truck segment, It would be even cooler if value was the next hot trend.