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Whether you’re shopping for a new or used vehicle, maintenance costs are essential in your buying decision. It’s not just the amount paid for the vehicle when you buy it. You also have to factor in the cost of keeping the vehicle in good working condition over its lifetime. On top of regular servicing, this involves repairs and replacement parts.

Jeep is known for being on the more expensive side of the annual maintenance cost scale. But, according to consumer site RepairPal, one Jeep model has an average annual repair cost of under $500. Which Jeep model is it?

Annual repair cost for the Jeep brand

Jeep is a favorite American brand known for its rugged SUVs and their off-road prowess. The average annual cost for repairs across all Jeep models is around $634, according to RepairPal. Owners have encountered a few common problems across the various Jeep models. 

Jeep Patriots are known for CVT transmission issues across 11 model years. Even with normal planned servicing, there have been many instances of premature transmission failure. Owners describe the problem as beginning with a whining noise, warnings that the Jeep is overheating, and a failure to engage and accelerate. Most owners had to replace the transmission to resolve the problem, and Jeep started using non-CVT transmissions starting with later 2014 models.

The 21 generations of Jeep Grand Cherokee have had reported instances of air conditioning issues. The temperature blend and recirculation doors frequently fail, resulting in the failure of AC modes to allow different temperatures on the left and right sides of the vehicle. While true, you lose the benefit of controlling your vehicle’s climate.

Jeep owners have also reported other minor issues like electrical system errors, engine troubles, and brake problems. Some Jeep models also experience issues with their steering systems and suspension.

Maintenance costs for Jeep Renegade are less than $500

A blue Jeep Renegade, model with an annual maintenance cost under $500 parked in front of a building.
Jeep Renegade

According to RepairPal, the annual maintenance cost of a Jeep Renegade is $498, below $500. While RepairPal had no reported problems for the Jeep Renegade, CarComplaints had a few notes on the Jeep SUV. The 2015 model had numerous complaints, including brake, electrical, and transmission problems. 

The electrical issues center around the check engine light and other dashboard warnings. There are also problems with Jeep Wrangler’s touchscreen display and radio. Problems surface around 21,000 miles and can cost up to $1,640 to fix.

There have also been reports of brake issues with Renegade, including premature wear, grinding noises, and brake pedal problems. Lastly, there are transmission issues with delayed shifting, rough shifting, and potential failure. 

The most expensive Jeep model to maintain

The annual cost of maintaining a Jeep Wrangler is $694, says RepairPal.  What are the most common issues owners experience with Wrangler?

For 21 model years, there have been reports of water leaking near the A-pillar at the front edge of both the driver and passenger side doors. An improved seal is available, according to RepairPal. The issue, on average, surfaces around 45,000 miles and can cost up to $111 for the repair. 

There’s also a recall for 18 model years of Wrangler due to a short-circuiting ignition switch. The issue usually occurs around 132,000 miles, and the repair can cost up to $111.

Other minor Jeep Wrangler issues include throttle position sensor failure, worn steering components, front and rear differential pinion seal and transfer case leaks, exhaust manifold cracks, wireless control module error, and more. 


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