Only 1 Honda SUV Isn’t Recommended by Consumer Reports

Honda makes excellent vehicles for families looking for anything from a compact sedan to a minivan. But although Honda cars have a great reputation for reliability and durability, not every model in Honda’s lineup lives up to that standing. Here’s a look at Honda SUVs and the one model that Consumer Reports doesn’t recommend.

The new Honda SUVs that Consumer Reports recommends

Three Honda SUVs are great options, and they all earned Consumer Reports recommendations.

Unsurprisingly, the best 2022 Honda SUV is the CR-V, with an overall score of 84 out of 100. That excellent score is mostly thanks to its 82/100 road test and 4/5 predicted reliability rating. But the CR-V’s 3/5 predicted owner satisfaction score was a letdown.

The Passport is another Honda SUV that Consumer Reports recommends. It received an overall 76/100, mostly thanks to its road test score of 79/100. But its 3/5 predicted reliability rating and 2/5 predicted owner satisfaction scores were disappointing.

The last Honda SUV that Consumer Reports recommends is the Pilot. This three-row midsize SUV scored 76/100 overall and 80/100 on its road test. In addition, it received a middling 3/5 in both predicted reliability and predicted owner satisfaction. 

The HR-V is the only Honda SUV Consumer Reports doesn’t recommend

Honda SUV Consumer Reports 2022 Honda HR-V
2022 Honda HR-V | American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

On the other hand, the smallest 2022 Honda SUV, the HR-V, did not receive a Consumer Reports recommendation.

To be fair to the subcompact Honda SUV, the HR-V earned a decent overall score of 62/100. But that wasn’t enough to win it a “CR Recommended” badge. Thanks to that mediocre score, the HR-V also ranks in the middle of its segment, alongside crossovers like the Subaru Crosstrek, which scored higher. 

The small Honda SUV received a middling overall score mostly thanks to its mediocre scores in every category. The HR-V earned only 66/100 on its road test, and its predicted reliability and predicted owner satisfaction scores aren’t any better. Consumer Reports gave the HR-V only 3/5 in predicted reliability and 2/5 in predicted owner satisfaction. 

The Odyssey is another great option for families


Consumer Reports Only Recommends 5 2021 Subcompact SUVs

Though the Odyssey is a minivan and not an SUV, it’s still a family-oriented vehicle that shoppers might want to consider alongside Honda SUVs. Additionally, unlike the HR-V, the Odyssey earned a recommended badge from Consumer Reports. After all, the minivan has an overall score of 78/100.

It also performed well on its road test, scoring 85/100, even higher than the CR-V, Pilot, Passport, and HR-V. That said, the Odyssey is mediocre in the other areas.

The minivan has a predicted reliability rating of 3/5, and its predicted owner satisfaction rating is also 3/5.

Regardless, the Odyssey remains a superb family hauler.