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With the number of vehicles in use daily, accidents are more likely to happen on roads. Therefore, it is important to consider car safety before using or purchasing any vehicle. In America, the IIHS tests and evaluates various vehicle models to determine how safe a car is, and safer models fall on its Top Safety Pick list. Recently, the IIHS put out its Top Safety Pick list for 2023, and only one Genesis model appeared on this list. The 2023 Genesis G90 is a large luxury sedan with several high-quality features, and it is the model that made it to the Top Safety Pick list.

What is the IIHS Top Safety Pick list?

A white Genesis G90 parked in front of a grey building.
Genesis G90 | Hyundai Motor Company

Every recent vehicle model has to offer a certain level of safety to its users, as safer vehicles are better for use. Especially on highways where collisions are more likely to happen. Because of this, the IIHS devised the Top Safety Pick award for vehicles with better and more advanced safety features. The Top Safety Pick list is an annual list that identifies the vehicles that perform best in safety tests conducted by the IIHS in different categories, which are based on their sizes.

Some vehicles get a Top Safety Pick rating, while others get a Top Safety Pick+ rating. Each of these safety ratings has a certain standard to be met after a car has been tested. So is the Top Safety Pick rating different from the Top Safety Pick+ rating? Essentially, the two awards follow the same criteria, but the Top Safety Pick+ award is stricter, says U.S. News. Having good headlights is a standard requirement for every trim level of any model aiming to get the Top Safety Pick+ rating.

The 2023 Genesis G90 has modern safety features 

Each year, the IIHS uses different bases to allocate safety ratings to vehicles, and the bases usually increase in strictness. As a result, only one Genesis model made it to the IIHS 2023 TSP list: the G90. Since it was awarded a TSP+ rating, it is undeniably one of the safest vehicles.

For this redesigned model, both the driver’s and passenger’s sides have front overlaps, which are good at preventing injury. However, the lower leg on the passenger side was rated as acceptable. The moderate overlap on the front also showed good performance in all the sectors. In contrast, the side overlap has a good safety rating in all categories apart from its structure and safety cage and the torso injury prevention.

In addition, the G90 has a superior vehicle-to-pedestrian front crash prevention rating during the day and at night. In all trim levels, the driver receives a warning a few seconds before a collision whenever a pedestrian is on the way.

During the night, the high-beam assist system helps in avoiding collisions with both pedestrians and passengers, and this is what makes the G90 stand out. Lastly, the G90 has LED projector headlights, both on high and low beams for all trim levels, with good visibility on both sides of the road, making the G90 safe even at night.

Genesis makes the safest large luxury cars

The Genesis dominated the large luxury car category the previous year after appearing four times on the 2022 TSP list. These models were the 2022 Genesis G80 and its successor, the electrified 2023 G80, the 2022 G90, and the 2022 Genesis G70.

However, for the G70, only vehicles built after June 21 are considered in the TSP list. Each of these vehicles received a Top Safety Pick+ rating, and they all have good safety features, such as crash avoidance technology that effectively minimizes incidences of on-road collisions. Other 4-door sedans, such as the 2022 Audi A6 and the 2022 Volvo S90, also made this list.


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