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Jeep is a beloved automaker that the world knows for its diverse group of vehicles. However, despite its popularity people also know Jeep for not producing the most reliable vehicles. In fact, the automaker has a number reported issues, especially with the Jeep Cherokee and the Renegade. But Jeep’s not alone, nor is it the worst automaker. Mercedes-Benz is actually the least reliable car company, which is a surprise to many.

Jeep continues to be one of the least reliable automakers

According to GetJerry, Jeep has average reliability. While this isn’t awful, the problem is that Jeep has quite a few outliers. For example, take the Jeep Gladiator. It has a good predicted reliability rating from J.D. Power but still has some pretty significant issues. This is also the case for the Jeep Wrangler and the Cherokee. In fact, there was a recent recall regarding the Cherokee involving the vehicle catching fire. Despite these issues, Jeep remains popular. 

The Mercedes-Benz luxury car brand is least reliable

2020 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-AMG GT R roadster closeup of grille and headlights. One of the least realizable car makers
2020 Mercedes-AMG GT R roadster | MBUSA

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most famous luxury automakers. However, it’s now considered the least reliable automaker, which is surprising considering its vehicles’ cost. The problem is that a number of recent Mercedes-Benz rides have some notable issues. While all automakers experience rough sports, the problems with Mercedes have been pretty widespread.

The biggest overall issue associated with Mercedes-Benz vehicles is the electronics. Some of the common problems are with touchscreen displays malfunctioning and even going completely blank. Again, the price of a Mercedes-Benz should mean that buyers are mostly safe from these sorts of issues that take the luxury out of a luxury vehicle. While some models may be more affordable, some go for well over $100k.

The most reliable cars for 2022

On the other end of the spectrum, some of the most reliable vehicles include Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Mazda, and Honda, which are also more affordable than Mercedes. Toyota’s offerings include the Toyota Corolla Cross and Corolla Hybrid. As expected, Toyota is the most reliable automaker based on the number of issues reported.

The automotive industry is changing rapidly, along with changes in supply chains and inflation. Consumers are more conscious than ever about making their dollar stretch even further and are looking for reliability, given the market’s volatility. With a little research and shopping, there are still great deals to be had for the savvy consumer.