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When looking for an older used car, consumers want an affordable vehicle with modern amenities. The 2014 Kia Soul fits the bill. With numerous standard features and decent cargo space, this used Kia SUV is a bargain for under $10,000. In addition, it has earned an excellent reliability score. But the 2014 Soul is far from perfect. Let’s look at owner complaints, recalls, and safety investigations.

The 2014 Kia Soul appears on U.S. News’ ‘Most Reliable Used Cars Under $10,000 in 2023’ list

Used Kia SUV: A lime-green 2014 Kia Soul
2014 Kia Soul | Kia

Some used Kia Soul model years are worth avoiding. But the 2014 Soul made the top five in U.S. News’ “Most Reliable Used Cars Under $10,000 in 2023.”

Reviewers picked this model for its wealth of standard features, cargo capacity, passenger space, and overall comfort. Those features include an auxiliary audio jack, Bluetooth, and satellite radio. Some 2014 models also have a push-button start, built-in navigation, a panoramic sunroof, and automatic climate control.

Despite those perks, the 2014 Kia Soul isn’t without issues.

This used Kia SUV has 5 recalls, over 750 complaints, and 3 safety investigations

Used Kia SUV: 2014 Kia Soul interior
2014 Kia Soul | Kia

The 2014 Kia Soul has had five recalls. They include issues with the front airbag not deploying during a crash, overheating catalytic converters, engine damage that could result in a fire, an accelerator pedal that could fracture, and a steering gear that could separate.

In addition, consumer complaints have led the NHTSA to open three safety investigations into the 2014 Kia Soul. They primarily concern non-crash vehicle fires, specifically engine fires.

Other owner complaints involve problems with vehicle speed control, electrical systems, and the fuel system. Kia has addressed some of those complaints through recalls. Others have not generated a significant number of complaints to warrant action.

Even with recalls and complaints, the 2014 Kia Soul still maintains a high overall reliability score and received a 5/5 safety rating from NHTSA.

Despite complaints, the 2014 Soul has an excellent reliability score

The 2014 Kia Soul earned an 84/100 Quality & Reliability score from J.D. Power. Part of that rating is based on the first 90 days of ownership, which doesn’t factor in complaints, recalls, and investigations later in the vehicle’s life.

However, the market research firm uses a combination of quality and dependability scores to determine overall reliability ratings. Quality scores are short-term ownership impressions, while dependability scores are determined from long-term ownership of three years or more. According to J.D. Power, the Quality & Reliability score “measures the level of defects, malfunctions, and design flaws experienced by vehicle owners.” It covers the entire vehicle, from the engine to the infotainment system. “A higher rating means fewer problems.”

With desirable features, plenty of space, an affordable price, and a great reliability score, the 2014 Soul seems like a good used Kia SUV. However, always research any pre-owned model to avoid purchasing a lemon.


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