$1.7 Million EarthRoamer HD: Overkill Overlanding Off the Grid

The Earthroamer HD is overlanding on steroids. But at $1.7 million, it better be. Focus on any aspect of the HD and it’s a beast; overlanding overkill.

The EarthRoamer HD starts with a Ford F-750 chassis cab

EarthRoamer HD Camper Truck
EarthRoamer HD camper truck | EarthRoamer

Start with what Earthroamer starts with; a Ford F-750 chassis cab. There is nothing bigger made by Ford. It packs a 330 hp 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbodiesel with 725 lb-ft of torque. The TorqShift HD six-speed drives a four-wheel-drive system with one foot of ground clearance. 

Now take in its size. It is 35-feet long, 8.5-feet wide, and 13.2-feet high. The HD rides on 46-inch Michelin XVL tires. Air suspension in the back and hydraulic leveling helps even out the ruts, bumps, and rocks. It also aids in ramp angles with a 46-degree approach and 23-inch departure.

There is even a washer and dryer and a separate shower in the EarthRoamer HD

EarthRoamer HD camper truck inside shot showing washer/dryer
EarthRoamer HD camper truck | EarthRoamer

The camper features a bathroom with a separate shower. It also has a washer and dryer-of course it does! The kitchen is equipped with an induction cooktop, refrigerator/freezer with drawers, and a bunch of storage space sprinkled around the camper. 

Heat is provided by radiant heating in the wooden floor. The Bose Surround Sound audio system brings concert hall sound to the inside. As you would expect the cab comes from the factory with the top-of-the-line King Ranch interior. 

The woodwork and furniture are much higher quality than should be found in a camper

EarthRoamer HD camper truck interior
EarthRoamer HD camper truck | EarthRoamer

The woodwork is high quality. Alder cabinetry, marble counters, and a queen-size bed make inside seem like living in a house. It just doesn’t look like a camper on the inside. 

Solar is part of the HD package. A 2,100-watt solar recharging system also comes with a 20-kWh lithium-ion battery pack for storage. A power take-off driven hydraulic generator or 30,000 lb force front recovery winch. 

Long hauling won’t be a problem for the HD. There is 115 gallons of diesel fuel capacity and 250 gallons of freshwater storage. Off-the-grid living looks to be a cinch with this rig. 

You can add an external shower to go along with the one inside

EarthRoamer HD camper truck shower
EarthRoamer HD camper truck | EarthRoamer

Outside there are amenities to enhance the enjoyment of the outdoors. An auto-retracting awning keeps harsh light at a minimum. There is also LED lighting for nighttime lounging. Both an exterior shower and space to add a slide-out exterior kitchen are options. 

Actually, there are infinite options because each one of the EarthRoamer HDs is meant to be customized. When you’re in this class of camper, you can afford to get exactly anything you dream of. It really is a home on wheels and almost cancels out what most of us take as typical when camping. 

The ability to bring any convenience with you and not worry about washing dirty clothes or whether to cook inside or outside makes this more like a home than a camper. So is it really camping anymore? We’d still say yes.

EarthRoamer HD camper truck bedroom
EarthRoamer HD camper truck | EarthRoamer

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